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Past Exhibitions

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Premier Exhibition Extended Through August 30, 2018:

Am Schmidt: Abstractions & Expressions

Closing Reception: August 30th, 6:00 - 10:00 pm

"My paintings are indulgent. They are emotive depictions of the relationship between thinking and feeling as much as they are paintings about painting.

The presence of both abstract and figurative content in this series references the art historical distinction between looking at versus looking into. Whether it’s the gesturally painted figures that reference the bucolic tradition of figure drawing, the guttural make-up of the abstracts, or the awkward houses that are painfully aware of themselves, the paint is applied with vigor. The paint is very there and, even in the figurative works, does not camouflage itself, keeping the eye vacillating between looking at and looking into.

The application process is one of releasing and contracting; of rapid, crude application followed by a wary and calculated process of covering up again, much as an irrational emotional outburst is followed by a rational, muted rectification. An endless acting and reacting, this process mimics the dichotomy between feeling and thinking, body and mind. The mind always cleaning up after the body, apologizing for it, resenting it. This work surrenders to the inherent strife between them and embraces the unceasing flux. Within a genre so historically saturated, these paintings are self-referential meditations on the act itself of painting." 

~ Am Schmidt, 2009